BlackRay P60

Ku and Ka-Band Satcom System for Large UAS 26 Март 2015, 14:22
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are capable of long flights while carrying significant payload weight. Satellite communications enable broadband communications that facilitate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions beyond line of sight (BLoS).
Gilat’s BlackRay P60 terminal is an airborne Satcom terminal that enables high throughput communications to medium to large UAS. It comprises best-of-breed technologies developed and manufactured by Gilat, including antenna, modem and BUC. These components may be installed as an integrated unit, or as separate components.
The BlackRay P60 terminal is available in 3-axis and 4-axis versions. The 4-axis version eliminates the keyhole effect in operation at equatorial latitudes.


● Compact SWaP
● Carbon fiber 60cm antenna
● 20Mbps throughput
● MILSPEC and marine versions available